SDF – A DEFOAM (Alcohol Based Defoamer)

Alcohol-based defoamer is a blend of alcohols formulated. Alcohol based Defoamer is a wide‐application product that reduces the foaming tendencies of water‐base muds as well as brine-based completion and workover fluids.

SDF – S DEFOAM (Silicone Based Defoamer)

Silicone Based Defoamer is a water dilutable antifoam/defoamer designed to be prevent foaming in drilling fluids as well as solids free workover and completion fluids. It is highly effective at very low concentration at a wide range of pH. in both hot and cold aqueous systems

SDF – A ST (Aluminium Stearate)

Aluminium Stearate surfactant is a powdered defoamer used primarily in water-based muds.Widely available, economical defoaming agent.  Concentrated chemical that is very effective at low treatment levels. 

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