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We currently manufacture and supply drilling fluids in India. In beginning, we were engaging in domestic market, at this instant we are exporting the drilling fluids chemicals in Canada, USA, Pakistan, Middle and Far east. With the continuous support of organized logistics and well-knitted distribution network, we supply the range of chemicals having drilling fluids applications which are used in oil and gas industries and Spices exports in different constituency of world.

SDF Chemicals India is Professionally managed organization. its leading manufacturer and exporter
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Our plant situated at Gandhidham, India, is utmost location as industrial park among the world’s 25
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Shale Stablizers
It stabilizers the shale formation, inhibits dispersion of drilled solids, improves lubricity and reduces torque & drag of the drilling string. It controls HT HP fluid loss by producing a thin strong compressible wall cake.

1 – Sulphonated Asphalt
2 – Potassium Salt of Sulphonated Asphalt.
3 – Sodium Salt of Sulphonated Asphalt.
4 – Oxidised Asphalt
5 – Synthetic Gilsonite
Dispersants / Deflocculants
Thinners are specially formulated and chemically modified compound of lignite or lignin. It controls rheology and fluid loss, extends temperature limits, emulsifies oil, reduces flocculation and stabilizes water base drilling fluids. It finds application in fresh water and sea water systems. It provides a thin, thick wall cake accompanied with low fluid loss.

1 – Chrome Lignite
2 – Causticised Lignite
3 – Potassium Lignite
4 – Causticized Potassium Lignite
5 – Lignite Powder
6 - Amine Treated Lignite/Organophilic Lignite
7 – Chrome Free Lignosulfonate
8 – Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate
9 – Chrome Lignosulfonate
Drilling Mud Lubricants
These lubricants are the special typeof additives when mixed in drilling fluids impart lubricating properties into metal & metal to borehole contacts under extreme pressure conditions. These are specially used in indirectional & crooked holes, deeper holes and packed hole where frictional forces tend to be relatively high to reduce the loss of mechanical power.

1 – Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Water Based)
2 – Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Esther Based)
3 – Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Sodium Silicate Mud)
4 – Extreme Pressure Lubricant (Oil Based)
Spotting Fluids
Spotting fluids are water dispersible low toxicity, designed to free differentially stuck drill strings. They do not contain any harmful hydrocarbon additives.

1 – Spotting Fluid (Non weighted)
2 – Spotting Fluid (Weighted)
3 – Alsphaltic Based Spotting Fluid
Drilling Mud Surfactants
provides wateringaction, reduce surface tension of the liquid phase of any water base mud system.

1 – Anionic Surfactant
2 – Cationic Surfactant
Drilling Mud Defoamers
It is a versatile oilfield defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of mud system. It is effective at different PH of water base muds and high temperature areas.

1 – Alchohol Based Defoamer
2 – Stearate Based Defoamer
3 – Butyl Phosphate Based Defoamer
4–Silicate Based Defoamer
Drilling Detergents
It is a specialized aqueous blend of Anionic and Cationic surfactants equally effective regarding len of makeup water, whether it is in fresh, brackish, hard or saturated salt water. Reduces surface tension and works as an excellent emulsifier to improve emulsification at any point in the drilling operation.

1 – Drilling Detergent
2 - Rig Wash
Drilling Weighing Material
1 - Bentonite API
2 – Barite
3 – Calcium Carbonate (milled) F/M/C,
4 – Calcium Carbonate F/M/C,
Fluid Control Additives
These additivesare used for fluid loss control, stabilizes the rheological properties and works in all fresh water and salt water mud systems.

1 - CMC LV - Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC LV)
2 - PAC LV – Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC LV)
3 – Resinated Lignite
4 – Guar Gum (modified)
5 – Modified Starch /Pregelatinized Starch
Drilling Polymers
It is a high molecular weight polymer that controls fluid loss and increases viscosity.

1 - PHPA 1 – Partially Hydrolysed Poly Acrylamide (PHPA)
2 - GUM – Xanthum Gum
3 - BEN X 1 – Bentonite Extender
4 - GLYCOL – Cloud Point Glycol
5 – Hydro Ethyl Cellulose (HEC)
6 - POLYMER 3– Synergistic Polymer
7 - P ACRYL 2 – Sodium Polyacrylate
Oil Drilling Viscosifier
1 - BEN X 1 – Bentonite Extender (API)
2 - CMC HV 1 – Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC-HV)
3 - PAC R 1 – Poly Anionic – Cellulose (PAC-RG)
4 - GUM 1 – Xanthum Gum (XCD Polymer)
5 - CLAY 1 – Attapulgite Clay (Salt Water Clay)
Pour Point Reducer
It is an ashless polymeric material devoid of corrosives such as chlorine, sulpher & free acids. It reduces part point of crude oil and increases flow properties of crude oil.

1 - PPD 1 – Pour Point Depressant
2 - PPD 2 - Flow Improver
Emulsifiers are a liquid blend of selected emulsifiers, gelling agents, wetting agents and fluid loss control agents used to form an emulsion.

1 – Primary Emulsifier
2 – Secondary Emulsifier
Corrosion Inhibitors
1 - Corrosion Inhibitor
2 – Oxygen Scavenger
3 – Biocide (Amine/Quaternary Ammonium Based)
4 – Biocide (Aldehyde Based)
5 – Zinc Carbonate - Hydrogen Sulphide Scavenger
Lost Circulation Material
It is used to control and eliminate lost circulation due to fracures, broken formations

1 – Mica Fine /Medium/Coarse
2 - NUT PLUG – Coconut Shell (Nut Plug) Fine/Medium/Coarse
3 – Cellulosic Fibrous LCM
4 – Cellophane Flakes
5 – Kwik Seal Fine /Medium/Coarse
Other Chemicals
1 - Caustic Soda
2 - Citric Acid
3 - Caustic Potash
4 - Hydrochloric Acid
5 - Potassium Chloride (KCL)
6 - Soda Ash
7 - Sodium Sulphate
8 - Soda Bicarbonate
9 - Sodium Nitrate
10 - Potassium Sulphate
11 - Sodium Formate