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SDF Chemicals is professionally managed organization. its leading manufacturer and exporter of Drilling Chemicals since many years. SDF Chemicals has good state of art infrastructure and much modernized production facilities.Our plant situated at Gandhidham, India, is utmost location as industrial park among the world’s 25top locations, which has been considered by world famous print and electronic media. Our plant is just 50 KM from Mundra Port India which is a major port in India. Our system is able to supply the products with client’s desired step process like sampling, evaluation and trial order system. We always bound to our precious overseas client’s trust.We manufacture and supply drilling fluids in India. In beginning, we were engaging in domestic market, at this instant we are exporting the drilling fluids chemicals in Canada, USA, Pakistan, Middle and Far east. With the continuous support of organized logistics and well-knitted distribution network, we supply the range of chemicals having drilling fluids applications which are used in oil and gas industries.

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Shale Stablizers

It stabilizers the shale formation, inhibits dispersion of drilled solids, improves lubricity and reduces torque & drag of the drilling string. It controls HT HP fluid loss by producing a thin strong compressible wall cake.

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Drilling Mud Lubricants

These lubricants are the special typeof additives when mixed in drilling fluids impart lubricating properties into metal & metal to borehole contacts under extreme pressure conditions. These are specially used in indirectional & crooked holes, deeper holes and packed hole where frictional forces tend to be relatively high to reduce the loss of mechanical power.

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Drilling Mud Defoamers

It is a versatile oilfield defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of mud system. It is effective at different PH of water base muds and high temperature areas.

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